Fall 2 Registration

Current Students: If you are a current student and are planning on participating in the Winter Performance and paid your $10 Participation donation, your place in class for fall 2 has been reserved. I will be handing out papers this week and next, to those students, these papers will have your class codes for Fall 2 and directions how to register.

Current Students: Please let me know if you would like your child to continue next session, but do not wish to participate in the Winter Performance.

Returning Former Students: If you are not a currently enrolled student but wish to come back for Fall 2 please contact me and let me know. Some of the classes may be full or near full going into Fall 2 and there may not be availability.

If your place in class is reserved, your child’s name will be on a list and you will need to register in person at the recreation center. I must notify the rec centers several days before registration starts, in order for them to reduce the number of places available in class. 

Registration for Fall 2 starts Oct 23. Class fees must be paid before class begins the following week. 

I know this gets confusing, but sometimes classes fill and it’s the only way to ensure current and returning students can continue their training and not be closed out of a class.

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