Fundraising Info

Whether this is your child’s first Dance Recital or their 10th, we want it to be special for them. This is a special day for your child to be a star. We want you to invite as many friends and relatives to watch your special dancer.

We’re doing all we can to make this experience memorable and affordable.

Recital Donation/Fee: This donation/ “fee” helps cover costs for recital expenses, covering the cost of the recital location, and any other expenses throughout the year. We ask that every dancer that wants to participate in the recital donate $10. We understand that not every dancer will or can participate in the recital. Our budget is only as big as what we collect in recital fees and donations, and from what is carried over from the year before. Our recitals have outgrown the city rec centers and most theatres in town. We have from 400-700 audience members, most theatres only accommodate 200. Please donate by April 1st. Please let me know if you would like your child to be sponsored, we don’t want a child to miss out because of finances.

Tights: We ask that all Ballet students wear Pink Tights and Jazz and Tap Students wear Tan Tights for the Recital. You do not have to purchase tights thru us, we offer this as a convenience to you and we are selling them at almost cost. Tights are $5 a pair. Tights will be passed out on picture/costume day. Deadline to order tights is April 15.

Other Fundraising: Fundraising pays for what the recital fees don’t cover. Most of these funds come from recital sales/pre sales. The additional costs of the recital, beyond the rental of the recital location, include costuming classes, props, any unexpected charges, bank fees, paper and ink for newsletters, website fees, colors for the stage and classrooms, recital signage, repairing broken tap shoes, etc. It also makes it possible to do fun things such as, stars on the dressing room doors, awards at the recital, etc.

Donate: Not only can you donate gently used dance attire and costumes and accessories, but you can also make a monetary Donation, Sponsor a child, place an ad in our program, purchase flowers or candy bars for your special dancer at the recital, and volunteer your time.

Recital Program Ads: The program is an added touch of going to the theatre for our audience. Inside is the order of the show and all class pictures get put in the program. You can purchase an ad for your business or a special message to your child/class. Program ads range from $1-$20. Order due by April 30th, Artwork due by May 6th. Please ask to see a sample program. These make great keepsakes.

$1.00 One line ad (25 letters)
$5.00 ¼ page
$10.00 1/3 page
$15.00 ½ page
$20.00 Full Page

Candy and Flower Sales: We will be selling Carnations and Candy Bars at the recital. $2.00 each. You can pre-order flowers, bouquets and candy bouquets before the recital. Deadline is May 13th. A limited number of Single Flowers and candy bars will be sold at the recital. We tend to sell out at the recital, so pre-order yours now.

Silent Auction: Please let me know if you would be interested in bidding/donating toward a Silent Auction at the recital.

Volunteer: This program would not be possible without your help, support and donations. Please let me know if you would be interested in volunteering at recitals or making costumes and props.

Dress Rehearsal Meals: Mrs. Amber Scott is again offering a sack meal to anyone who wants to pre-order them for the Dress Rehearsal. Friday night can be very hectic to get your little one fed and ready for the dress rehearsal so she is offering a hot dog, small bottle of water, fruit snack and either an applesauce or a banana for $5.00. Meals will be ready to be picked up by 5:45 pm to be eaten by 6 pm.

If you have other suggestions on how to raise money for our program please let me know.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me. Check our current student blog weekly for updates and info.