Session Descriptions

Summer Session is an excellent opportunity to perfect the skills you know or to try a different style of dance. We do not have a recital in the Summer, but we do have occasional perform opportunities.

Fall I is a session of review and introduction to new material. We will start working on dances for our Winter Dance Recital during this session and finish them Fall II session. We do not advise starting Fall II session, as your child will have missed the review and the introduction of new steps taught in Fall I and they will have to catch up with the dance.

Please do not switch classes or advance your child to the next level without teachers approval.

Winter Session is a session for review, introduction to new material and perfecting technique. We will start new dances Winter Session and finish them Spring Session for our Spring Dance Recital. Winter Session is your last chance to order costumes for the Spring Recital.

Spring Session, no new registration will be taken, however, occasionally I will try to offer a few classes to satisfy the demand and interest of new students. These classes will wear leotards and tights or dance apparel in the Spring Recital.