Summer Session Dates

Far East Summer Registration Begins May 23, 2022 @ 9 am.
Whetstone Summer Registration starts May 24 @ 12:30 pm
(I have no idea why they are different)

Classes begin the week of June 13
Last Class the week of July 25

I will not be saving spots for summer.

If you’re an older dancer and your class is not listed but you want to take classes this summer, let me know.

Fall I Session and registration starts in Sept. I do not have those dates.

Summer Schedule

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Summer Schedule

I have submitted my summer schedules to both Rec Centers- Whetstone and Far East.

Below is my projected Summer Schedule.

It is a little different from Spring Session because of the availability of the rooms.I had to move Wed night Whetstone classes to Tues night. If your child’s class is not listed and you want to continue thru the summer, please let me know.

Projected Summer Schedule

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Programs / Playbill

At this time sales for the program ads have closed.

The Deadline to purchase was April 30th. (It was miss printed on the website, but I have been sending out e-mail reminders and it was posted in class) There has to be time for me to finish the book and get the original to the printer, they typically need a week or two to print them.

If you did not get to order your ad this year, I’m sorry. The book is completely filled.

If you purchased a program ad please get me your artwork by this Fri May 6th. Email it to me as a JPEG.

A big thanks to those that already got me their program ad’s artwork!

We still have some group pictures that are going to be taken this week. I already put in the ones taken last week. 

This is also your last chance to donate and have your name put in the printed program as a donor.

This week is your last chance to check the spelling of your child’s name in the printed program.

This week is the last chance to get me any arts activities (dance, music, theatre) your child participated in this year. (Sept-May) Getting it in the program is a great way to keep track for your child’s resume for auditions later. Please e-mail me the information.

Thank you so much for your donations, support, understanding and kind words.

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At this time, please pay thru the website.

Please pay for anything you are ordering, donating, or fees thru the website at this time.

These 2 Picture weeks are very busy for me. I’m trying to get costumes passed out and make sure everyone has what they need for pictures. Taking money and making change is just too much on my plate when I’m trying to do pictures and costumes and teach your child’s class.

Deadlines must remain the same for program ads and flower, candy, meals, etc. But I just can’t deal with taking money in class right now, Mistakes may get made and any losses come out of my own pocket. 

Order any program ads by tomorrow Fri. April 30th

I am doing everything I can to make this recital affordable for you, I’m selling tights, body liners, leotards, etc at almost cost. The recital fee just covered the cost of renting the building, it didn’t cover any other expenses. 

There are still students who have not paid the recital fee, Please pay the recital fee or let me know you want to be sponsored. 

Any leotards ordered at this time will cost me shipping. Please do not order any leotards with out checking with me now, Leotards were supposed to be ordered by April 15th.

If you purchase tights now, I should have them, but only because I try to keep some pairs on hand. Tights were already ordered, the deadline was April 15th. 

We added some faux hair scrunchies to the website if anyone wants to purchase them for the recital. We are selling them for $10, they are a little higher than costs because we have to cover any shipping. Please order these by next Fri May 6th. Or I can’t guarantee they will arrive by the last week of class.

Please don’t feel obligated to order form Dreaming Broadway. If you believe you can get an item cheaper somewhere else, please do. I’m only trying to make things easier for you. 

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It’s the first week of Class Pictures.

Please make sure your child wears the correct leotard and tights to class for their class picture. The class picture goes in the Printed Programs.
If you ordered tighst or leotards they will be in your costume bag.
Correct apparel and picture schedule was e-mailed out and posted in the dance rooms.

Last chance to buy a Program Ad is this week.

The ability to purchase ads on line will be taken down. I will not take ad purchases after this Fri. If you already purchased an ad please send in your graphics/ art work/ ads. Graphics are due absolutely no later than Fri May 6th. Please don’t wait until the last minute and make me spend my whole Mother’s Day weekend working on the programs. They must get finished so they can be dropped off to the printers.

Check the Spelling of Your Child’s Name in the Program

The Recital program order has been posted at both Rec Centers in the dance room. (hall at Far East) Please check the spelling of your child’s name and make corrections on the sheet. I can’t make corrections to the program after it goes to the printer.

Please have your child practice their dances.

I do not dance on stage with the groups. Learning their dances and performing without me teaches them confidence. Parents may record the dances in class. Just have them practice a few times a week outside of class. If they want to practice more, all the better.

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If this is your first year participating in the recital, we hope that you will sit in the audience and enjoy the show. Even though, from the audience’s perspective the show looks smooth, backstage can be very hectic and that isn’t what we want you to see. That’s the magic of theatre. 🙂

It’s very important that your child be at the dress rehearsal Fri night so they know what is expected of them the night of the show. They’ll also know how fast they have to change costumes, if they have a costume change. This year we have many new students that have never performed in our recitals. Please be patient and understanding of things that may go wrong. That is why we have a rehearsal, to work out any problems.

We know that sometimes the pre-schoolers are nervous or a little scared, because it’s a new experience, so if you feel you need to be with your child back stage, we ask that only one person be with your child. Chairs are for dancers only. This keeps the flow of the groups moving. If you are staying back stage with your child you won’t be able to actually sit beside them. Usually kids that are scared Fri night at the Dress Rehearsal are excited and brave the night of the Performance.

For those parents with preschoolers that need costume changes, you can sit in the audience and discreetly leave the auditorium after your child’s first number to help them change. If you choose to be back stage (Gym) the whole time with them, you can watch from the wings (side of the stage) or slip into the audience right before your child performs. Please keep in mind, we can’t have 15 parents standing in the wings for each preschool group. Only opt for this if your child truly is scared. Very few preschooler’s actually need their parents with them during the one hour performance. Once you see how our show moves, you will have a better understanding why this is true.

If you are volunteering back stage/during the show you will have notes and instructions to reference. Pictures of the classes in costumes will be posted for the dancers/group line up. You will have a print out of the order of the show. Please make sure you can be backstage both nights.

Please ask me for a volunteer form during class.

It’s such a magical, wonderful night. There is so much going on, but it’s so much fun and the dancers are so excited and do such a great job. I’m so glad to be sharing this with you and your child/children.

Miss Nicole

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Recital Newsletter

Dreaming of Broadway Spring Dance Recital
(Far East and Whetstone Dancers)

Whitehall Yearling High School
675 S. Yearling Rd., Whitehall, OH 43213

Dress Rehearsal
Friday, May 20th at 7:00 pm arrive by 6:00 pm

Saturday, May 21st 7:00 pm arrive by 6:00 pm

Dress Rehearsal: Please arrive by 6:00 pm Friday, May 20th dressed in your first costume. Enter thru the Dancers Door at the back of the School. Signs will be posted. Please follow signs to the gym (line up area). For those in more than one number, tan tights go under pink tights. We will be making various announcements, giving instructions and lining up the dancers. This rehearsal is very important for all dancers to attend. Your participation will make Saturdays show run so much more smoothly. We run the entire show in order, this is the only chance your child has, to become familiar with the stage and new environment and to understand the flow of the recital and how quickly costume changes must be made. We will start the actual show run through at 7:00 pm. Please bring all costumes, tights and shoes. Please do not leave after your child has danced, all dancers are to return to their seats to be lined up for the finale. The show is approximately 1 hour long, Saturday night will be a little longer due to awards, announcements and Silent Auction winners announced.

Those in multiple dances please make sure you know which dances are first and the correct order. Find your dressing room and organize your costumes accordingly. For those in more than one number, tan tights go under pink tights. Report to the Gym for line up in your first costume by 6:15 pm.

Dress Rehearsal Meals: Pre-ordered meals will be available by 5:30 pm. Please eat your meal in the designated area. Wear a t-shirt over your costume. No Food, Drinks or Candy/Snacks are allowed in the Gym.

Recital: Please arrive by 6:00 pm Saturday, May 20th dressed in your first costume. There will be new announcements made and we will be lining up the dancers. Find your seat in the line up and remain seated and quiet. After your last number is performed all dancers line up for the finale.

  • Dancers are to remain seated and quiet during both the rehearsal and the recital.
  • If you are not in the line up when your music starts you will miss your performance on stage.
  • Dancers are NOT to be in the Lobby Saturday night before or during the performance.
  • Dancers are NOT to be in the Auditorium audience or balcony Friday or Saturday night at any time.
  • Please absolutely NO snacks, candy, drinks or gum, not only could you ruin your costume or someone else’s, but you could choke.
  • SMILE and HAVE FUN! Keep practicing your dances until the day of the show.

Finale: All dancers are to participate in the finale. Every dancer should receive a Participation Certificate during the finale. Once your child has finished their last dance, please line up for the finale according to height. Tallest dancers first- smallest dancers last. After the finale, dancers will be escorted back to the staging area (Gym). Parents may pick up their child in the gym after the show. All costumes are to be returned.

Returning Costumes: Boxes will be available and labeled for all costumes, shoes or other borrowed items to be returned. Make sure your child’s name is in the ziplock bag with their costume. Remove all air from the bags.

What time will my child be dancing? Please don’t ask me this. Please refer to the order of the show. Dance routines range from 1 ½ minutes to 3 mins. It’s best to keep track by the order of the show.

Restrooms: Please make sure your child uses the restroom by 6:00 pm both nights. This is especially important for preschoolers. Please do NOT change costumes in the restrooms.

Questions: Everything should be posted when you get to the High School Friday night. Please read all the signage before you come and ask me a question. Please don’t ask me which number your child is dancing in first. It is posted. There will be mothers familiar with past recitals volunteering that can answer your questions, too. Saturday night they should be wearing a carnation corsage. This is a new set up so please bear with us as we make the best of the situation.

Costume Changes: Those dancers in multiple numbers make sure you wear your Suntan tights at all times. Pink tights go over Suntan tights. Make sure you know the order of your dances. Costume changes must be made very quickly. Change your costume and return to your line up, if you are not in the line up when your music starts you will miss your performance on stage.

Make Up/Cosmetics: Optional. Keep it Simple, eye shadow, blush, lip gloss. Mascara is not a good idea on Preschoolers.

Hair/Hair Pieces: Please have hair styled so it is pulled back away from the face. Hair pieces are to be placed on the left side of the head, unless otherwise changed by Miss Nicole for your class. There isn’t time to change hair styles, I suggest investing in a faux hair piece to clip into their hair, over their ballet bun. Your child does not have to wear a bun for ballet. I would not advise beads, as they could potentially become a hazard on stage.

Underwear: Please make sure that if you are wearing underwear with your tights that they do not stick out of the costume.

Programs: Make sure you have checked the spelling of your child’s name in every number. Make corrections on the sheet posted. Also, make sure that if you have a costume change that you have at least 3 numbers in order to change. If your child participated in another dance program, cheer, school play, plays a musical instrument or choir, please write it down and let me know, ASAP. We like to acknowledge in the program what our dancers are doing in the Arts.

Program Ads: Program ads sales are final April 30. Art work due by May 6th.

Volunteers: There will be 20 numbers in the show and approximately 85 students dancing. We need volunteers for each class, parents to help with costume changes, back stage volunteers and volunteers for setting up and tearing down. We also need ushers to pass out programs as our audience members arrive. Please only hand out programs to adults. Please ask for a volunteer sign-up Sheet.

Set Up: If you would like to help with set up arrive by 3 pm Fri, May 20th. Chairs need set up, tables, music system, signs posted.

Parking: Fri night there may be limited parking. It may be best to drop off one parent and your dancer and have the other parent park. Saturday night should have ample parking.

Admission: The recital is free for anyone to watch. Please invite your family and friends to watch your child perform.

Video Taping/ Photos: If you are going to be videotaping or taking pictures from your seat, please be considerate of others around you. Please do not stand up or walk to the front of the stage and block others from videotaping or taking pictures. We suggest video taping from the balcony. No children are to be in the balcony at any time. If you are volunteering back stage, please try to take candid pictures back stage and in the staging area.

Silent Auction: Our Silent Auction Winners will be announced at the Recital after the Finale. Bidding will take place from 6 pm-6:45 pm Saturday night before the show, proceeds help pay for recital expenses and other expenses for the dance dept. Gift Basket donations are due by May 13.

Flowers/ Candy Bouquets: Make this a very special day for your dancer by giving them a flowers or candy bouquets after the show. The kids have worked very hard and have learned many things. They are going to look great! Pre-order your flowers today or purchase them at the recital. Flowers are $2.00 each. Candy Bouquets must be pre-ordered, single candies will be sold at the rectal on a stick to insert in your flowers. Order today, Deadline May 13.

Tear Down: Saturday after the show please help us by cleaning up any trash and stacking chairs after the recital. We will also need help taking down any signage. If you are taking down signage, please try to save them. It is costly to reprint them every year. When we leave we want it to be as if we were never there.

Dancers: Please do not touch items that do not belong to you. Props, Costumes, etc. Smile and do your best! This is your chance to sparkle and shine!

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We’re Getting Closer!

It’s hard to believe but we only have 4 more classes left until our big show. 

There are no classes at Whetstone this coming week April 19 & 20
There are classes the week of the Recital, except for Fri May 20th, I will be at the High School.

Picture weeks are April 26- May 6 Please check the schedule for class picture day and time. Please have your child’s hair pulled back out of their face. No required hair style.

All tights and leotards have been ordered, just waiting for them to arrive. 

We currently have 75 dancers participating in the Recital.  Recital Fee and Sponsor A Child | Dreaming of Broadway Dance Lessons

Massey’s Pizza donated two $10 gift cards toward our Silent Auction. If you would like to donate toward a gift basket to be auctioned off, signup sheets are in the classroom. 

I will be posting, at the rec centers, the Recital Program Order the week of Pictures. Please check the spelling of your child’s name in all of their classes. Make corrections on the sheet. Please don’t tell me in person, I won’t remember. Make sure they have at least 3 numbers to change costumes.

I will be emailing and handing out a Recital Newsletter the week of Pictures. Please read it in full and carefully. There is a lot of information.

Class Absences: There have been many. Please continue to let me know if your child is going to miss class. Please consider continuing to wear masks in class.

Last chance to purchase a Program Ad is April 30th. Please send me your art work. 
Donate and Sponsor | Dreaming of Broadway Dance Lessons

I will be posting Dressing Room Assignments in the next few weeks. If your child is only in one number, they will not be assigned a dressing room.

Please have your child Practice their dances. Parents may record the dances in class. Some classes have finished their dances this past week. All classes will be finishing their dances in the next three weeks.

Last chance to order Flowers, Candy and /or Dress Rehearsal Meals is May 13th. 
Donate and Sponsor | Dreaming of Broadway Dance Lessons

Thank you to all those who have donated and helped me find, make or purchase items for our costumes.

If anyone would like to volunteer at Dress Rehearsal and the Recital, I will have Volunteer forms available at the rec centers,. If you have a teenager (16+) that would like to help, and earn volunteer credits for school, let me know. Also, if you are a former dancer (ages 16+) and would like to help, we would love for you to continue to be a part of the Magic.

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Picture Schedule

All Body Liner (ages 8+ with a costume change) and Tights orders must be ordered by April 15th. (Some sizes and colors are on back-order until April 22)

I will be providing your child with a skirt and hair piece. Please note which color tights and leotard your child is wearing.

Leotards: Preschool classes wear Pink Leotards.
                  Older classes (6 pm or later) wear Black Leotards.

Tights: Ballet Classes wear Pink Tights.
              Tap and Jazz Classes wear Tan Tights.

Shoes: Ballet Girls Wear Pink Ballet Slippers,
            Tappers Wear Black Tap Shoes,
             Jazz Dancers wear Black split sole jazz shoes

Boy Tappers should have black dress slacks and a white dress shirt. I will provide your child’s tie, cummerbund or vest.

If your child’s class has an asterisk *, I will be providing your leotard/Costume. Please wear correct tights.

PLEASE, let me know ASAP if you do not have the correct leotard, pants, etc or if you have any questions. I have tried to ask every class and make sure every child has what they need.

Picture Schedule

Tues April 26

12:30 pmMe and My Teddy Bear(pink tights) Pink Leotard
6:30 pmShut Up and Dance with Me(tan tights) *
7:00 pmBoom Clap(tan tights) Black Sports Bra/Blk Leggins

Wed April 27

11:00 amOver the Rainbow (pink tights) Pink Leotard
5:30 pmGlow Worm (tan tights) *
6:00 pmI’m Always Chasing Rainbows (pink tights) Black Leotard

Thurs April 28

5:00 pmI’m a Lonesome Butterfly(pink tights) Pink Leotard
6:30 pmI Do Cherish You(pink tights) Black Leotard
7:00 pm On Broadway(tan tights) *

Fri April 29

5:00 pmLittle Bo Peep(pink tights) Pink Leotard

Tues May 3

1:00 pmBubbles(tan tights) *
5:00 pmUncover(pink tights) *

Wed May 4

11:30 amToe Terrific Tappin’ (tan tights) *
5:00 pmYou’re Mother and Mine(pink tights) Pink Leotard
6:45 pmGive Me Some Lovin’(tan tights) Black Leotard

Thurs May 5

5:30 pmStrolling through the Park(tan tights) Pink Leotard
6:00 pmWho’s that Man (tan tights) Black Leotard
7:30 pmME!(tan tights) Black Leotard
8:00 pmDreaming of Broadway(tan tights) *

Fri May 6

5:30 pmZippity Doo Dah(tan tights) Pink Leotard

Picture Day

Please wear correct Leotard and tights to your class picture day.

Please do not wear bows or other hair pieces in your child’s hair, a hair piece will come with your costume.

If your child is registered in both ballet and tap, your pictures have been scheduled so your child doesn’t have to change tights between classes/pictures.

If you ordered tights I will have them the day of your pictures.

Please be on time, come a little order to change into your costume. We will take a group picture as soon as everyone arrives and dressed in their costume.

I will be handing out costumes the day of pictures.

Miss Nicole will take a group picture for the Program. You can take pictures behind her. You will be given a chance to take an Individual picture of your child, however, please remember others are waiting their turn.

I will give your child a dance pose.

We want the dancers to dance in their costumes on picture day so they can see themselves. Do not wear your costumes again until Dress Rehearsal at Whitehall Yearling. If they get damaged or lost I do not have extras to replace them.
Costumes are to be returned the night of the Recital, after the Finale. Please do not wear them home after the performance. Miss Nicole must inventory everything and package everything to be stored until next year.
Please let me know if you expect a costume for pictures but are not participating in the recital.

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Updates 4/5/22

Costumes have been decided. I still have some skirts to finish and some tutus to make. If you have paid your recital fee/donation your child’s costume is bagged up, labeled and ready for picture day. I will distribute them on picture day.

As of now we have 56 students participating in the recital. If you plan on participating in the recital, please pay as soon as possible. To those that have already paid and donated beyond, thank you. There are costs to making the costumes. I have a lot of stuff from past years, but my classes are much bigger this year and I have had to purchase/make quite a bit to accommodate. Costumes are to be returned after the Finale the night of the Recital, so we can use them again in the future.

Shipping on orders is a little slower than past years. If you want anything ordered- tights, leotards, etc. Please order this week. I will have some tights, available for purchase during picture days, but only a few select sizes. Tap and Jazz classes wear Tan tights. Ballet classes wear Pink tights.

I will post the picture schedule this week. Picture day, please be on time to class. Come early if possible. I have to distribute costumes, your child has to get dressed and it takes a while to get the dancers in formation. Preschoolers take longer.

Program Ads – If you have been getting family to purchase an ad for your child or their business, please get the orders into me. We are trying to get the lowest quote we can on printing, but have no idea how many pages there will be. We want every child to have the opportunity to have an ad, but please do not wait until last minute to purchase. We have to have time to put the program together and get it to the printer. If you have purchased an ad, please get me your art work as soon as possible. e-mail it to me as a jpeg.

We have had a few donations toward our Silent Auction. A baby quilt and a gift basket. Thank You.

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, so look for more e-mails this week.

Reminder: No classes at Whetstone April 19, 20.

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