Recital Fee

In an effort to provide every child an opportunity to participate and to keep costs low and still put on a professional show, we need your help and support.

Deadline to Pay Recital Fee: April 30, 2024.

Spring Recital Fee

$10 per child, per recital

Deadline to Pay Recital Fee: December 11, 2023.

Winter Performance Fee

$10 per child, per recital

Costs associated with the recital include:

  • recital building rental
  • shipping on costumes
  • printing of programs

We also give out participation certificates at the recital. We try to keep black ribbon on hand for tap shoes. Electrical tape for the colors on the dance room floors and stage. And other minor expenses you may not think of or realize (which escape me right now). We also have recital safety pins, needle and thread, body glitter, bobbi pins, and pony tail holders at the recital for emergencies when people forget. And we also provide skirts and tutus for some classes through out the year as costumes in the recitals.

Class fees only pay Miss Nicole for the time spent in class. She is not paid for picking and recording music, researching costumes, ordering costumes, sending e-mails, choreography, extra rehearsals, the time she spends working on programs, the dress rehearsal or recital. This is all time she volunteers so your child may have the dance experience she had as a little girl. She loves what she does so she doesn’t mind doing it, but she’s only one person and she can’t do it without your help and support.