Class Rules

All Dancers:
Succeeding at Getting Better

  • Please be on time to class.
  • Please do not enter a dance class that is not yours.
  • Please make sure your child uses the restroom before class.
  • Dancers are to remain in the dance room during class, on their color and quiet.
  • NO gum, food, candy, snacks, drinks are allowed in the dance room.
  • Practice… you’ll do better in class and I can teach you more.
  • Smile!


  • Please let me know if your child is going to miss class.
  • Preschool parents are to remain in the building during your child’s class time.
  • Please do not encourage your child to run to you for hugs, drinks, or snacks during class. This is a huge distraction to the other dancers in the room.
  • Please be present the last 5 minutes of class to ensure you hear announcements and receive hand outs.
  • Parents at Far East Rec Center please sit in the hall during classes. The room is not big enough and the dancers cannot see themselves in the mirrors.