Winter 2022 Performance Information

Performance Date: Saturday, December 17th, 2022

Whetstone Recreation Center Auditorium

This year, due to the size of the location, we will be having 2 shows.

Whetstone Dancers will be performing at 2 pm.

Far East Dancers will be performing at 4 pm

Our recitals can attract as many as 700+ spectators, and the Whetstone Recreation Center Auditorium can only accommodate around 300.

Additionally, we will not be able to line the dancers up in a special dancers line up room, nor will there be a location for costume changes. This recital will only be for showcasing the dances they learned Fall I/II Sessions.

Dancers in classes before 6 pm (Pre ballet & Pre-Tap) should wear light pink leotards, pink tights and the appropriate shoes.

Dancers in classes 6 pm or later should wear Black leotards and pink tights and the appropriate dance shoes.

Jazz Dancers should also wear black leggings. 

All other classes, I may be able to provide matching skirts.

Leotards can be short sleeve, tank, or long sleeve and can be skirted or plain. Attached skirts can be rolled and tucked under when a skirt is provided.

In the past we have had raffles or sold baked goods to raise money during our Winter shows, however, this year we will not be having a raffle or selling anything during these performances, which means our only option to raise money for expenses is to ask each dancer to donate $10. 

More on Costumes
I will be sending out an e-mail with a link to our website for any items you may wish to purchase, ie, tights or leotards, Please, do not feel obligated to order, if you can find items cheaper elsewhere, please do. There isn’t much mark up on the items we sell, the mark up only helps cover shipping costs from the manufacturer.

If you do not have a pink or black leotard (depending on your class) and need one for the performance, please let me know. We have some leotards and tights that have been donated and we may be able to lend you one for the performance.

Anything borrowed for the performance, leotards, tights, skirts, shoes need to be returned the day of the performance. The more that we can provide to dancers, now and in the future, the less out of pocket.

If you have leotards, tights, dance shoes you would like to donate, please bring them to class or drop them off at the rec center for Miss Nicole.

I appreciate your understanding. The Winter show is an opportunity for dancers to perform for an audience. For the little ones, we are proud if they go on stage. We aren’t asking for perfection, but we do ask that you have your child practice. Their confidence in the classroom will show on stage. It’s an exciting time for the dancers and prepares them for our bigger show in the Spring.

Miss Nicole

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