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Please sign up for our e-mail list @ https://dreamingofbroadway.com/dance/ (in the right sidebar). Like us on Facebook. Check our Blog, on the website, for information distributed in class.

I hope your child is enjoying his/her dance class. Please continue to follow the class rule guidelines so your child gets the most out of his/her class. Please make sure hair is pulled up out of the face and off the neck. Please dress properly for class. Please arrive to class on time. Please use the restroom before class. Please discourage your child from going to you for snacks, drinks, hugs during class. Please do not enter a class room more than 5 minutes early. Please encourage your child to practice at home.

Class dress: leotard, tights, proper dance shoes (boys please wear shorts or sweat pants)

Ballet dancers: pink ballet slippers (boys wear black) Tap dancers: wear black taps shoes

Jazz dancers: wear black split sole jazz shoes

Recital Information

If your child is participating in the Spring Recital please pay the $10 Recital Fee donation, ASAP, to help pay for the Recital expenses including school rental and other misc expenses.

The following classes are ordering professional costumes:

All Tues night classes.
Wed Pre Ballet 5 pm
Wed Pre Tap 5:30 pm
Wed Beg Ballet 6 pm
All Thursday night classes (excluding Dreaming of Broadway Dancers)


Child sizes $35
XLC-Adult $40

You can order your costumes on-line or pay cash in class. Deadline to order is January 31st, 2018. https://dreamingofbroadway.com/dance/costumes/ Ballet classes wear pink tights, tap classes wear tan tights. Classes that order professional costumes will not have open enrollment Spring Session, returning students will have to register for Spring Session in person. Costumes will arrive in late April/ May.

The following classes are not ordering professional costumes.

Wed Pre Ballet 11 am Wed Pre Tap 11:30 am
Wed Pre Ballet noon Wed Beg Tap 6:30 pm
Wed Jazz 7:00 pm Thurs Pre Ballet 11 am
Thurs Pre Tap 11:30 am Thurs DOB 7:30 pm

Classes that do not order professional costumes

We ask that you still pay the $10 Recital Fee. Your child will wear a specific color leotard and tights and we will provide a skirt/ hairpiece to be returned the night of the recital after the finale. Typically, preschool classes wear pink leotard, beginner classes wear black leotard. Ballet classes wear pink tights, tap classes wear tan tights. Classes that do not order professional costumes will have open enrollment Spring session and new students may join the class.

Spring Recital

The Spring Recital is a non-profit opportunity for you child to experience dance beyond the class room. We encourage every dancer to participate. We understand there is an additional expense involved, however we do our best to ensure every child can participate regardless of cost. We do fundraising to help offset expenses in an effort to keep them low. If you are concerned about cost, please e-mail me.

Spring Dance Recital – Saturday, May 19th, 2018 6:30 pm Whitehall Yearling High School

Full Dress Rehearsal – Fri, May 18th, 2018 6:30 pm. Dancers come at 5:30 pm

All Dancers participate. Please pay the $10 donation to help with the cost of renting the building and other expenses The recital is free to the public.

We will start recital dances Winter Session and finish them Spring Session. Please encourage your child to practice at home.


Sponsor a Child Fund: Please donate to our sponsor a child fund. Every dollar donated goes toward helping with a child’s participation in the recital and dance classes. Whether it be for costumes, leotards, shoes, or recital expenses.

Donate: Please donate your outgrown leotards, tights, shoes, and costumes. Monetary donations are welcome too, for prop expenses, misc. expenses, costumes for non professional costume groups.

Program Ads: Place an ad in our program for your special dancer, or advertise for your business. Ads range from $1.00- $20.00. https://dreamingofbroadway.com/dance/donate-and-sponsor/recital-program-ad/

Pre-Order Flowers: We offer carnations for you to give to your special dancer at the recital. The children are thrilled to receive a gift for their hard work and performance. Pre-order or purchase at the recital.

Registration for Spring Session

March 12, 2018 @ 9 am. Class Schedule remains the same. Classes start March 19, 2018.
Click here to register for classes.

Spring Session: Starts in March. I will add additional classes at Whetstone for any dancers who opt not to order professional costumes. You do not have to participate in the Spring Recital in order to take classes.

Class Placement: Please e-mail me if you have any questions about your child’s placement before you move them up to the next level.

I hope this newsletter was helpful. Please visit our website for information about class dress, recital, fundraising, etc. Email me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,
Miss Nicole

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